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Exactly about Hong Kong’s Troubling Shortage of Men

Exactly about Hong Kong’s Troubling Shortage of Men

As a result of an increasing sex imbalance, the territory’s ladies have actually withstood extreme measures—from love coaches to liposuction—to satisfy a partner that is suitable.

David Cox December 2, 2013

Hong Kong’s shortage of men has forced females to make to measures that are desperate look for a mate. (bryangeek/Flickr)

China’s just-loosened one-child policy has warped the country’s sex ratio within the last 34 years towards the level that by 2020 there might be nearly 24 million guys struggling to locate a partner. However in the unique region that is administrative of Kong, a jurisdiction maybe maybe not at the mercy of the mainland’s regulations, the landscape is startlingly various. The territory’s 2011 census unveiled that there have been 209,000 females residing alone, a figure this is certainly quickly rising. It’s thought any particular one out of five Hong Kong females created will remain single for the rest of their lives today.